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Are You Mobile Ready for 2020?

By Bridget Gorman on 11 September 2019

Mobile devices have become invaluable business tools and the primary channel people conduct many aspects of their personal and professional lives through. The proof is indisputable - mobile has overtaken desktop and apps have overtaken websites. Even back in 2017, a study conducted by Samsung to gauge mobility trends at the workplace found that 93% of respondents used cell phones at work to complete professional tasks, reporting they spend 33% of their workday using their phones. In the two years since then, it’s very likely those statistics have increased. 

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How to Generate Non-Dues Revenue with a Year-Round Mobile Membership App

By Katie Argueta on 6 September 2019

When McKinley conducted a recent survey identifying the association market's three highest priorities for the following year, the goal of generating non-dues revenue topped the chart. Increasing non-dues revenue allows for organizations to rely on alternative sources of income and not solely on membership payments. 

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Evolving Your Digital Strategy to Take Advantage of Mobile Trends

By Bridget Gorman on 28 August 2019

All organizations understand the necessity of a web presence. Your website is how your audience finds you and accesses the information, products and resources you provide. It should reveal a bit about your culture, your values and your personality. It’s an invaluable tool for communications and for personal and consumer transactions. However, nearly 80% of internet usage in 2019 is likely to be mobile, so simply having a good website isn’t enough.  

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Webinar: Year-Round vs. Event-Only Mobile Apps

By Katie Argueta on 27 August 2019

Associations are often well-versed in event-only mobile apps as they’re continually utilized for meetings, conferences and conventions. But what happens when an event is over? Well, 99% of the time, these single-use apps become deleted.

In this webinar, we explore the benefits of instead taking a year-round approach to mobile and what it means to extend mobile member engagement beyond just events.

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Why You Aren't Too Small for a Year-Round Mobile Membership App

By Bridget Gorman on 14 August 2019

A common misconception among smaller organizations and often regional chapters of larger organizations, is that because of your size, you don’t need a mobile app. We would argue that that perspective is flawed because it’s not about how many people you are reaching, it’s about how you are reaching your people. How many members or partners you have is beside the point when determining how to best reach them and how they choose to consume content. Whether it’s 250 people or 25,000, your goal to provide an excellent service and experience is the same, isn’t it? 

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What’s Your Alternative to Going Mobile?

By Bridget Gorman on 7 August 2019

Pushback is inevitable when pitching a new technology solution. Mobile solutions in particular are commonly subject to much apprehension. That’s because many organizations are still in the early stages of understanding the full value of a comprehensive mobile strategy. But to the uncertainty of mobile we ask: What’s your alternative? Is it more email? More web pages? More in-person meetings? What’s a better answer to decreasing engagement and increasing membership churn?

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Why Your Organization Should be Using OAUTH 2.0

By Bridget Gorman on 30 July 2019

When your organization’s employees and members log in to your web site, membership database, sales tools or HR dashboard, do they use one set of login information to access all the applications? OAuth 2.0 is the industry standard protocol that allows organization to authenticate user data across all applications. Without geeking out on the technical aspects of OAuth 2.0, here’s an overview of why it matters.

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Increase Employee Engagement with a Year-Round Mobile App

By Bridget Gorman on 17 July 2019

1 min read

Unlock the Power of Your AMS with a Year-Round Mobile App

By Bridget Gorman on 3 July 2019

Your members and your mission are the heart of your organization, but your Association Management System (AMS) is arguably your most valuable business tool. It might occasionally be the subject of ire, but the truth is, your AMS enables you to successfully create, manage and engage with the community you serve-- whether it’s member renewals, event management, registrations and payments, or activity and education tracking. 

With a mobile app, you have the opportunity to integrate with your AMS in order to add greater value to your communications and membership strategies and further complement your AMS’s functionality. 

2 min read

Why App Design is Critical to a Successful Mobile App

By Bridget Gorman on 19 June 2019

As organizations strive to remain relevant and valuable in today’s mobile-first culture, they must chart a course for mobile member engagement. With a well-designed native mobile app, the paths of technology and communications converge and create a new avenue to increase member satisfaction, foster an active community, and advance your organization’s mission to provide resources and information to your members. The key to staying on course in this mobile journey is design. 

User Experience (UX) -- UX is a tech buzzword because it’s paramount to the success of any app. The UX relies on several factors that are directly related to design: