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Why Clowder? 

Our Approach

Here at Clowder, we pride ourselves on our service. Our approach has always been that we're not just selling apps, but continuous, hands-on partnerships. Our Client Success team strives to serve as guides for building longevity and strong engagement in each of our apps. 


A Q&A With Our Director 

Read how our Director of Client Success, Alexa Kade, defines what service means to Clowder. She also breaks down the onboarding process, troubleshooting, and what post-launch support looks like.

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Event Support

"Back in the day, we also provided complimentary onsite event support for the first year - taking on things like "I forgot my password" so staff can really focus on the other details of hosting an event. Today, things are a bit different - we're focused on virtual connectivity and I think Clowder is really leading the way in supporting organizations in going virtual. We have playbooks, best practices, client examples - everything to really help our clients recoup some lost revenue centered around hosting events that have otherwise been cancelled." - Alexa Kade





Client Newsletters + Webinars

We believe in the importance of ongoing guidance post-launch. Our monthly client-exclusive newsletters and quarterly webinars aim to showcase client spotlights and case studies, app promotion and usage strategies, best practices and new feature updates.