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Clowder Features

Host content, collaborationevents + more in one app!


Year-Round Engagement Features

Our solution brings communities together in one centralized, mobile hub for year-round connectivity and improved communication. Our native apps are individually branded to your unique network and include over 150+ features. Each are complete with an easy-to-use admin and backend analytics, a 90-day development period, dedicated account management and easily-budgeted licensing agreements in place of large upfront costs.


Keep your members in the know with a rich stream of news, polls, RSS feeds, and user-generated content.


Make it easy for your members to manage their account, schedule events, renew dues, and more.


Create a digital rolodex of members searchable by name, type, geolocation, and more.


Break through the clutter with instant alerts to members, committees, or other work groups.


Provide members with a modern way to communicate via one-to-one or group chats.


Offer a convenient option for your members to connect, collaborate, and share ideas.


Support unlimited events with agendas, session surveys, attendee lists, sponsor info, and more.


Provide your members with a convenient digital hub for your most important and relevant resources.


Develop a new revenue stream through digital display ads and sponsored content.


Self-Service Admin

The backend admin included with your app allows for full content and user management as well as easy access to analytics. It also acts as a self-service advertisement hub for all mobile sponsorship and collected data. 


iOS & Android

Our solution includes both an iOS and Android native app to ensure access for all members of your community. Clowder apps adhere to the design guidelines of each operating system to best meet navigation standards and maximize the user experience. 


The Clowder® Demo App

Our free demo app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. When downloaded, you can experience our features first hand - download here!


Got a Feature Idea? 

Some of our best features and functionalities come straight from the market. Submit yours below for us to consider!