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Are You Mobile Ready for 2020?

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11 September 2019

Mobile devices have become invaluable business tools and the primary channel people conduct many aspects of their personal and professional lives through. The proof is indisputable - mobile has overtaken desktop and apps have overtaken websites. Even back in 2017, a study conducted by Samsung to gauge mobility trends at the workplace found that 93% of respondents used cell phones at work to complete professional tasks, reporting they spend 33% of their workday using their phones. In the two years since then, it’s very likely those statistics have increased. 

In 2014, statistics showed mobile traffic surpassed desktop web traffic. Data also showed that the number one way people engage on their mobile devices is through appsAccording to a recent report, apps dominate browsers in mobile usage and account for 90% of mobile phone time and 57% of all digital media usage. In knowing this, incorporating mobile into your communications and engagement strategy is essential to remain competitive and relevant over the next year and thereafter

You need a year-round, native mobile app in 2020 if you want to …

  • Better engage members and consumers
  • Increase membership retention by enhancing its value
  • Enable members to access important information and resources on-the-go, 24/7
  • Simplify procedures such as dues renewals, event registrations, subscriptions and profile updates
  • Foster a connected community of like-minded people
  • Generate more revenue through sponsorships
  • Gain greater feedback through convenient polls and surveys
  • Boost fundraising with an easy donation process
  • Provide a platform for instant communication to cut down on emails

So what do you need to do to get mobile ready for 2020?

__  Evaluate how a mobile app can help you meet your organization’s mission and vision 

__  Determine your communications and technology budgets

__  Consider the mobile features you need (Take a look at successful features within popular communication apps such as Facebook and LinkedIn)

__  Understand the management of an app and the admin support needed (This should not be overwhelming or take up too much of staff’s time)

__  Think about strategies for promoting and marketing an app

__  Book a demo with Clowder today! ;)

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Bridget Gorman