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How to Engage Association Members, Build Loyal Members, and Grow Revenue [Ultimate Guide]

By Alexa Kade on 10 August 2022

It’s getting harder and harder to engage association members. As demands on the public’s attention proliferate, community managers need to work harder and harder to ensure that their members see enough value to renew their memberships. 

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Best Practices for Mobile Forums

By Alexa Kade on 18 September 2019

As our upcoming webinar - Web Forums Out, Mobile Forums In (Oct. 2, 2 pm!) approaches, we wanted to dive into what makes an organization's mobile forums a success.

Forums through Clowder are user-generated and serve to continually engage your community. When a user creates a post, it opens up communication within the app. Readers are able to comment on, like and subscribe to content in the feed. Forums are the perfect way to get people talking and collaborating on a consistent basis, right on their mobile device.

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Promoting Your Year-Round Mobile Membership App Beyond Events

By Bridget Gorman on 21 May 2019

1 min read

Using Your Year-Round Mobile Membership App's Analytics to Boost Engagement

By Bridget Gorman on 5 December 2018

2 min read

Best Practices: Push Notifications

By Bridget Gorman on 26 September 2018

1 min read

Best Practices: Tagging

By Katie Argueta on 22 May 2018

2 min read

How to Drive Mobile Membership App Downloads

By Katie Argueta on 7 March 2018

Promotion drives downloads. Content then drives retention. Continued promotion must be made a priority. Your network should not just be told to download your app, but shown why they should.

1 min read

Best Practices: Polls

By Katie Argueta on 8 February 2018

1 min read

Best Practices: Events

By Katie Argueta on 29 January 2018

When it comes to events, your organization should rely heavily on mobile for enhancing involvement and coordination. This is done by influencing users to take full advantage of mobile-exclusive content and functionalities especially as they’re on the go. Clowder™ apps accomplish what event-only apps have continually failed to do - build lasting engagement. Utilizing the features and strategies below before, during and after events are a surefire way to avoid an event-only app’s 99% delete rate.

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Best Practices: Exclusive Content

By Katie Argueta on 17 January 2018

Exclusive content builds value. When your network can only access specific content via your app, they are driven to actively stay involved with it. Exclusive content can come in different forms including: