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Your App: A New Reason for Members to Stay

2 min read

3 October 2019

Membership retention is the name of the game when it comes to associations. With so many new resources and programs introduced in the market, how can you get members to stay and continue finding value in your organization? What can’t happen is remaining stagnant in your offerings and benefits. A lack of innovation will equate to a lack of interest towards your membership.

Let’s consider what the for-profit world has done repeatedly and rapidly over the last decade to build loyalty among their consumers. It’s pretty simple - they went mobile. And we guarantee you’ve experienced this first hand from the brands you interact with. Your bank has most likely presented you with an app that has minimized your need to physically visit their locations. Your favorite food chain has probably offered you an app that allows you to skip the line when picking up your orders. In both of these circumstances, new value was created that led to appreciating the company’s efforts and keeping you as a customer.

As an association, you have the ability to create that same effect with an app of your own. Members want that same convenience and connectivity from their membership organization that they’ve gained from their trusted brands.

The FBINAA (FBI National Academy Associates) did just that. They took their membership and made it mobile for all members to easily access their content, directory, mobile messaging, resources, events and more, straight from their phone. In fact, they reported that at their recent summit, 16 of their international members made the decision to renew their membership dues solely to get access to FBINAA Connect. They were given a newfound reason to remain members as they saw an increase in value and a resource they did not want to go without. A new app sealed the deal.

Take FBINAA’s lead and give your members what they expect in return for their loyalty. If you’re not innovating for them, they will not feel compelled to continue investing in you.



Written by Katie Argueta