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Best Practices: Push Notifications

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3 January 2018


To opt-in to push notifications means you are allowing a particular app to send them to you. Users have the option to opt-out. It is important to inform your network that receiving these messages will keep them better updated with your content.

When to Send

Be strategic in your timing. Push notifications are read more during weekdays (Thursdays being the highest) between 10 am-1 pm. These time slots also experience higher click rates, driving users back to the app.

Keep it Short

Shorter messages garner greater results by far. These should be quick, intriguing reads. Those that work best are made up of 10 words or less.

Tell Them, Don’t Ask

Notifications that deliver a statement perform twice as well as those that ask a question. Straightforward language better converts to actions by users.

See What Works

Different industries call for different messaging. See how apps related or similar to yours are utilizing push notifications to help understand what users expect to see and what influences action.


It is highly advised that you not send more than one notification per day as more could overwhelm a user. As for weekly frequency, typically no more than three is preferred.

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Written by Katie Argueta