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Using a Year-Round Mobile App to Attract Younger Members

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26 February 2019

When marketing your association to new members, your goal is to put your best face forward, right? Because of this, highlighting your membership app should be a significant piece within your marketing efforts. Having a year-round app sends the message that you are modern, committed to building communities and networks, and aim to provide valuable resources to your members 24/7/365. If you especially want to begin appealing to younger members, your app is definitely a selling point that should be front and center.

A good first step is to showcase your app on your website homepage with direct links to download. Advertise your app’s features and purpose. You should then be including a similar blurb with download buttons in every email campaign that goes out. When identifying the marketing messages that will most resonate with potential members, keep in mind the ways in which you can tie in your app to show how it’ll help to fulfill professional needs. For example:

  • Network with colleagues through mobile forums and direct messaging!
  • Easily view and post job openings in a dedicated environment!
  • Keep up-to-the-minute on education and social events!
  • Register and pay for events with just one click!
  • Access information on the go to help you succeed!
  • Receive relevant content daily about the topics you’re most interested in!

As the world has become a mobile-first landscape, your potential members will value your forward-thinking and modern approach to providing the services and benefits they need to thrive in your industry. By next year, Millennials will make up more than half of our global workforce and, as a digitally dependent generation, they seek convenience and innovation. Your organization’s app can attract these young professionals into your association by catering to their consumption habits and capturing their attention with a feature-rich, intuitive tool that provides true professional value. Continually promote this tool to entice the upcoming workforce and future leaders of your industry! 

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Bridget Gorman