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The Benefits of a Configured vs. Custom Mobile App

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19 February 2019

To maximize the efficiency and success of our solution, we take a configured approach to app development. And while we stay away from full customization, there are still many options we make available for tailoring and personalization of each app such as feature selection and namingcolors and brandingintegrations and logo usage. This allows our clients to experience the feeling of customization without taking on all of the risks involved. 

The risks of full customization include:

  • Long development cycles
  • Inefficient updates
  • Increased costs associated 
  • Fees for individual upgrades and updates
  • Increased potential for bugs

The benefits of our configured solution include:

  • A 90-day delivery guaranteed (including integration)
  • Access to 4 core platform updates (30 - 50 new features) and 6 admin updates each year
  • Implementation of client-suggested additions that are then backported for all other client apps to take advantage of
  • All future features added to our solution are at your disposal at no additional cost
  • No added fees for development, upgrades or updates 
  • An overall cleaner code base

There are many unknowns a client faces when going down a custom path. When you instead choose a configurable app platform, you’re able to take advantage of tested and proven features vs. the trial and error that accompanies customized functionalities. This approach significantly cuts down on time, cost and worry. Your native app will still feel completely unique to your organization and the needs of your members. 

You can also take comfort in knowing there will never be surprise or unaccounted for fees as you advance and maintain your app. This eliminates the common barriers that often halt a customized app from growing. For an app to be successful, long-term planning must be prioritized. That’s why Clowder® is a dedicated partner that aims to continually serve your network, enhance your mobile strategy and optimize your ROI, not just hand you an app. 

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Katie Argueta