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The Rise of In-App Advertising

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7 March 2019

Marketing professionals are focusing more and more on mobile marketing as a primary element of their brand awareness and advertising campaigns. If your organization does not have an app or has not yet structured a sponsorship program for your app, then now is the time to change that so you and your industry partners can benefit from the opportunities this platform affords.

With the continued rise of mobile and an increasing reliance on apps as a main community platform, advertisers and sponsors are looking for ways to get in front of their targeted audiences and consumers. Apps dominate browsers in mobile usage and account for 90% of mobile phone time and 57% of all digital media usage according to a recent report

Because of this trend, savvy marketers have been beefing up their mobile budgets and pouring more effort into their digital outreach. A recent report from eMarketer predicts that money spent on digital advertising will exceed what’s spent on traditional ads for the first time this year and will continue to broaden the spending gap so that by 2023, digital ads will account for more than two-thirds of all spending. Traditional printed ad campaigns and marketing collateral are old-school – not irrelevant, but no longer the primary tactic -- and as marketers seek to optimize the impact of their efforts, mobile apps are the real estate they are looking for. 

In-app advertising enables sponsors to engage immediately with their audience. Through print, the viewer is told a next step to get more information, but in an in-app ad, call-to-actions can be clicked to instantly take users to a desired online destination. Because every interaction in the app is measurable, your organization’s app is able to show advertisers a true ROI. Sponsors also have the ability to tweak and refine their efforts based on collected data. The use of these metrics can help to attract new advertisers as well. Without a year-round membership app, your organization is unable to compete for the substantial amount of additional revenue a mobile app can generate. 

Your organization’s app is a hub for your community and a great tool to keep your members and industry partners connected, engaged, and informed about the issues they face and the solutions that are available. Advertising in the app is a beneficial channel that can be scaled to accommodate a spectrum of budgets and marketing needs. Connecting your members with industry partners through in-app advertising is a logical move that is greatly rewarding for all.

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Bridget Gorman