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Your Members Don't Want More COVID-19 Emails

2 min read

23 April 2020

We know old habits can be hard to break. But at a time where new information is constantly coming in and needing to be dispersed immediately, people are getting over inundated with email (our emails are probably the 2,353,296,413th you've gotten about COVID-19, which just further drives our point 😉). We understand as member-based organizations, that's been the go-to method for communicating with members for decades. However, we can't stress this enough - you should be relying heavily on a membership app throughout this crisis instead. Here's why:

  • Push notifications - Notifications "cut through the noise" created by numerous emails and are the fastest way to get eyes on important news and updates. These custom messages appear instantly on your members' phone screens and can take them directly to coordinating information in the app with just a click.
  • One place for everything - If members have to dig through their inboxes to locate information or resources, they are less likely to engage with your content. An app keeps everything in one convenient, central location for easy ongoing access. 
  • Driving app downloads and retention - With current heightened attention from those within your industry, you can use that to quickly drive downloads as well as immediately drive usage. Doing so will help to create long-lasting mobile engagement well beyond this crisis.


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Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Katie Argueta