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Benefits of a Dedicated Mobile News Feed

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1 May 2020

Social media feeds are often rife with misinformation or interpretations of information that are designed to influence audiences in a particular way. Two-thirds of Americans get their news from social media (Pew Research) but sifting through opinions and rumors to consume accurate and unbiased news is a massive undertaking in today’s world. Furthermore, the clutter and randomness of social media apps can be a time-suck and a major distraction. What if you instead had one focused mobile hub for sharing with your members? That's where a membership app comes in. You can think of a membership app’s news feed as a Facebook-esque platform specifically for your unique professional community. 

Be a Trusted Source

Maintaining a solid reputation and positive brand in your industry is a foundational component to your organization’s success. And a key part of your value proposition is likely that you are a reliable source of information and resources. A dedicated in-app news feed gives you an effective platform to communicate the news and information needed to serve your members, advance your agenda, promote your initiatives, and engage your community.

A membership-based news feed separates itself from distracting social media feeds. Relevant and reliable content will help your community access the latest and most accurate news. Sharing videos, links, images, and information directly pertaining to your industry engages your members instantly and helps to solidify your position as a trusted resource.

Curated and Focused

An organization’s app enables users to not only receive the information, but to interact with it, share it or discuss it in real time. And unlike social media news feeds where you have to scroll through a lot of useless, random posts, your members simply open your app and scroll through content curated with them in mind. Members are also being drawn to the app through custom and controlled push notifications instead of those that are sporadic and general through social media platforms.

Supporting Virtual Events

In today’s world where increased virtual meetings and events are taking place, a membership app’s news feed is a perfect way to keep your attendees connected with real-time agendas and links to session materials. A news feed can host links to on-demand presentations such as recorded webinars and live streams.

A membership app’s news feed is an important member benefit and an essential tool your organization should be leveraging - especially now. Having on-hand access to this resource is invaluable. The days of scattered, inefficient communication should be left in the past. Direct engagement is the way forward and through a membership app is the way to make it happen. 

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Bridget Gorman