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Why You Should Utilize Mobile Payment Processing

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14 June 2018

The ability to pay through mobile creates a significant amount of convenience for users. Buying decisions are often influenced by this convenience. Paying through a mobile app is much quicker and easier than going through a website. When the process becomes quick and easy, hesitation to purchase is greatly reduced. Compare using Apple or Google Pay to having to go retrieve and enter your credit card information into different websites. Which makes you want to complete your transaction now and which makes you want to worry about it later?

Utilizing payment processing for purchasing items, making donations and/or collecting membership dues allows your app to generate substantial revenue. To get the most out of this mobile feature, you should focus on 1) successfully promoting it and 2) creating impactful exclusivity.

Promotion is key if you want to avoid letting this important component go unused. Ensure your network is well aware of their ability to pay through mobile. As soon as users make one mobile payment, they’ll continually stick to this method. It becomes a habit. You should announce this feature on your website, newsletter, marketing materials and social media on an ongoing basis. Don’t let users forget this kind of convenience has been made available to them.

As for creating exclusivity, when a function is only accessible through mobile, it forces increased usage of an app. For example, if membership dues payments exclusively take place within your app, members will have no choice but to move past your website and go mobile. In doing this, they’ll quickly see the value your app provides in simplifying the payment process.

When a user’s account is already logged in to with their payment information already on file, you’ve instantly removed the two most common online transaction barriers. You’ve also influenced future transactions that will continue to renew with such ease. 

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Katie Argueta