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Clowder’s New National & Chapter Plan

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25 June 2018

When it comes to large, widespread associations, it can be challenging to tailor member engagement to each individual chapter. Because of this, we wanted to create a way to help associations engage effectively both overall and within their segmented groups through a mobile, budget-friendly approach. Our National & Chapter Plan became the answer.  

The plan connects association members both on a national level and on a local chapter level. As the national level receives their native app by Clowder®, each participating local chapter then receives the same app experience but with content uniquely tailored to their specific community managed by their own admin. A New York chapter would see all things New York while a California chapter would see all things California, each still having access to national content. Features become personalized this way. Included in each app experience is a unique splash screen, logo and colors, a member directory, events tab, news feed and resource center, as well as the ability to produce forums, polls, filters, messaging and the power of push notifications. Every chapter experience is accompanied with an easy-to-use admin with analytics and developed for both iOS and Android. 

To make this mobile solution an accessible option for associations, we have significantly discounted the price for each chapter app to over a 75% savings from our standard development costs. In doing this, we hope to encourage an increase in chapter leaders taking their memberships mobile. When a member can conveniently access their membership right through their phone, they become much more likely to participate and stay up-to-date with the organization. Membership renewal then becomes easier when new value is introduced.

While it is important members remain active on a national level, a more locally based app experience influences greater interaction on and offline. Taking this kind of approach drives much higher member involvement and connectivity within communities. When relevance is increased, so is user interest, engagement and continued loyalty. 

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Written by Katie Argueta