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The Power of Mobile Membership App Sponsorship Revenue

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1 March 2018

Traditional advertising through TV, desktop and print is dwindling. An ever-growing shift towards in-app advertising has officially surpassed TV spend as of last year after beating out desktop spend the year before. Native mobile ads are predicted to drive 74% of total ad revenue by 2021 (Business Insider). That’s a huge percentage for associations to ignore. Sponsors are heightening their awareness of the ROI they’re able to gain through mobile as opposed to what they’ve had access to in the past. Without a native app, associations are increasingly missing out on opportunities for major revenue generation.

Within apps there are different forms of advertising including standard banner ads and promotional videos as well as sponsored content. Because they're on mobile, each offer a greater degree of viewer engagement. More specifically, when in a social network environment, users have the ability to like, comment on and share ads with others instantly. This creates conversations. The same experience cannot be said for TV commercials, web pop-ups or print ads. Typically the experience immediately ends once (or if) they’ve been viewed.

Advertising through associations is ideal for sponsors as they’re made up of highly targeted audiences. With an app of their own, associations can offer sponsors placement in their mobile news feeds, discussion forums, events tab or push notifications. All open up opportunities for sponsor to member interactions. Ads and sponsored content placed in an environment members visit daily earn much higher views than for example those placed on a website members might visit a couple times a month or in a magazine they may skim through once.

In-app advertising doesn’t have to fully replace all previous sponsorship initiatives right away. It’s a forward-thinking and lucrative add-on an association can present in addition to what’s already in place. The add-on serves to excite sponsors with the chance to enhance their reach and engagement with members. It’s a win on both ends.

This is the future of sponsorship and the best method for associations to expand and grow their overall ad revenue. By not utilizing mobile, the gap many associations have created between their current outdated strategies and what's now working in the market continues to strengthen. 

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Katie Argueta