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How to Drive Mobile Membership App Downloads

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7 March 2018

Promotion drives downloads. Content then drives retention. Continued promotion must be made a priority. Your network should not just be told to download your app, but shown why they should.

Timeline Breakdown (Email + Social Media) -

You should begin promotion of your app about two weeks prior to launch. This allows enough time for anticipation to build. Promoting too early runs the risk of losing people’s heightened attention. This phase can include sharing app screen images and information about what users can expect.

Remind your network the day before launch that the app becomes available tomorrow. This is an ideal day to share a promotional video.

Heavily promote on launch day to create network-wide excitement.

Carry that excitement into the following day and throughout the rest of the week to influence those who have yet to download the app to do so.

For at least three weeks post-launch, a dedicated weekly email campaign helps to get valuable information about the app, its features, goals and purpose to your network. Being informed of all of these elements creates a greater appreciation and understanding among users.

Once users have had a few weeks to experience the app, requesting their feedback is a great way to identify which features are working well and which can be tweaked. This shows users your dedication to making the app a tool that aims to bring long-term value.

App promotion should never stop. Integrate it into your ongoing social media and email strategy. You can always promote content found on the app as well as any new updates. Mention the app to your network at least once a week. This keeps retention high.

Other Promotional Outlets -

Make your app always known on your website by including app download buttons and a call to action to install on the homepage and other pages with high traffic. This should also be included on every newsletter that goes out to your network. A "coming soon" message can be incorporated pre-launch through these channels. 

Printed marketing materials offer opportunities to bring awareness of the app as well. You can drop in the same download buttons and call to action on handouts, banners, backdrops, etc.

Word-of-mouth promotion is also important. When speaking with members or clients either on an individual or group basis, ensure they know about the app and all it does. Find ways to incorporate the app at speaking engagements or events you attend too.  

Exclusive Content & Features -

Exclusive mobile content and features can serve as incentives users gain access to solely through the app. Highlighting exclusivity increases downloads as people are less likely to want to miss out on something they can benefit from.

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Written by Katie Argueta