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Integrating Your AMS with a Year-Round Mobile Membership App

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25 October 2018

Integration with your AMS has been the focus of Clowder® since its inception. We know that the seamless member experience and the value both members and staff will derive from an integrated experience like this is worth the extra effort on the back end. So, we use your management system’s API to ensure that your association’s app works like a powerhouse to deliver the content, events, and member interaction that will enhance the user experience and ease the interaction between you and your members.

Single Sign On—It’s a Big Deal

Clowder® was conceived and built with the knowledge that single sign-on increases usage, enhances member experience, and simply makes sense. Once a member launches the app, they simply log in with their existing association credentials, and all their membership information, such as profile, preferences, history, registrations, and payment information is available and synched up. The single sign-on is a security measure because it relies on verification, but the main result is the convenience of having been pre-screened to continue and conduct transactions as you wish. 

There are three main areas that Clowder® integrates with your association’s operations to simplify data input and streamline processes: content management, events management, and member information. The app was built from the ground up to enhance association engagement as a multipurpose tool with push/pull capabilities so that your staff saves time and optimizes efficiency in reporting and billing. 

Providing Content 

Your website content and/or blog posts can be easily integrated to Clowder® via an RSS feed. Members will receive the same news and updates on their mobile app as they get from your website. You can also easily leverage the filters in Clowder® to finely target content to members, making the app experience more relevant. Once your filters and RSS feed integration are setup, there is no additional work required by your staff. As content is added to your website and/or blog it automatically flows to the app.

Supporting Events 

Whether annual conferences, brown bag lunches, monthly webinars or weekly brain trusts, your Clowder® app can automate and simplify participation in events for your members. From promotion to registration, and execution to follow up, Clowder® will ease the burden of administration, so you can focus on the quality of the deliverable. Staff never needs to replicate input, and members can access information on-the-go.

Managing Membership

This is perhaps the easiest aspect of integration to understand. The app streamlines and increases processes such as renewals and updating member profile information.  A member can use the app to change their preferences and the push-pull capabilities of the app enable the data to be changed in the database and the app simultaneously. This push-pull capability will save time and make the quick, real time edits to member records.

From the beginning Clowder® has believed that the push/pull dynamic with Association Management Systems is paramount to its success. The ability to make and accept changes is key to maintaining efficient technology. Our team takes great pride in creating as seamless and thorough an integration as possible so that your team is able to more effectively engage members and meet organizational goals.

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Bridget Gorman