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Clowder Platform Update: New Advertising Features

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8 November 2018

Clowder® is excited to present its new self-service ads platform. The simple-to-use tool lives right inside each client’s web-based admin and offers a wide array of display ad placements - 40 to be exact. In-app ads allow sponsors to reach an organization’s network through a modernized method. Advertising in this dedicated environment helps sponsors place themselves in front of a highly targeted audience in order to gain greater results. .

To input ads, banner images are easily uploaded to the admin with a coordinating destination link. You’ll then select the spots your sponsors want to be seen within the app such as the top or bottom of your news feed, events tab, forums, member directory and more. Presets can be created for package options in place.

To analyze progress or measure success of a campaign, analytics are provided in the platform as well. Impressions showcase an ad’s reach while clicks represent engagement. Together these calculate an overall click-through rate for each ad. This data can then be exported and shared with current sponsors. You can also leverage collected analytics when pitching potential sponsors to showcase past results. This acts as a valuable sales tool.

Just as we’ve done for all of our other features, we’ve assembled a best practice to help clients better understand in-app advertising and how they can get the most out of it. In it we stress the importance of not overcrowding the app with too many ads as well as the need for proper placement planning and coordination. We know if advertising is done well and effectively, the revenue opportunities are so very significant. They have the potential to completely pay for the entire app itself. And who could pass on an offer like that?

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Written by Katie Argueta