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Five Signs of a Good Mobile App Provider

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17 May 2018

1. They’re not afraid of “no”

When you’re a client, it’s great to hear yes. Yes we can do that! Yes that’s a great idea! But have you ever thought about the benefit of hearing no sometimes? Within native app development, hearing no can be an indicator that a team would rather keep your best interest in mind and ensure the success of a project instead of simply promising you everything for the sake of getting the deal done. No can translate into highly valuable guidance. Clients often come to an app developer with a plethora of features and functions they’d like to implement. It’s those who insist on guiding you down a simplified path that are best to have in your corner.

2. Willingness to personalize 

Work with someone who’s willing to get a little creative in helping to solve the problems your organization is facing. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for every client. One app feature may be greatly successful within one network, and useless in another. A team that aims to uniquely tailor a mobile experience to your individual community can earn you exceptional results.

3. Long-term commitment

An app is a living, breathing product. It needs constant tending to for updates, changes, fixes and expansion. Traditional app development requires large upfront costs with continuous fees added for any edits needed (and there are always edits needed). In contrast, easily-budgeted, ongoing and all-inclusive contracts give you dedicated service for the lifetime of your app, not just in early development. You can feel secure knowing extra hidden costs aren’t waiting for you at each turn.

4. Sharing of best practices

So you’ve just been given your new app. Now what? Does your team know the best methods for promotion and utilization of the app? How do you anticipate gaining downloads? How do you intend on retaining users? A lack of answers and confidence in these areas lead to app extinction. When you work with a team that not only provides you with a finished product, but best practices for successfully deploying and maintaining that product, major value is being added. The absence of best practices is like missing a large portion of your instructions manual.

5. Partnership approach

When a company takes a partnership approach with their clients, it means they’re invested in their projects. They want to see them fully succeed. They don’t want to simply hand them off then forget about them. A win for the client is a win for their team. When this is the case, you're then able to place much more trust in their work and ongoing advisement. Apps can be scary territory, especially when it’s your organization’s first time turning to one of their own. But you shouldn’t have to go at it alone. Having a trusted and knowledgeable partner to go to for all aspects of your mobile strategy makes the process much less scary and significantly minimizes all risks or concerns involved. There’s no limit to the kind of value this resource offers!

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Katie Argueta