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Best Practices: Tagging

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22 May 2018

What is tagging?

Tagging refers to the metadata assigned to a piece of content by those who have uploaded it. You have the ability to segment relevant content based on specific tags utilized. The most popular example of tagging is hashtags used through social media channels. Similarly, an organization can tag digital content in order to group photos, videos, articles, events, etc. around particular topics or themes.

What content can you tag through your Clowder® app?

In your app you can tag events and news feed content. We suggest setting a limit of 2-3 tags per piece of content. In choosing which tags to use, our advice is to include one broad tag, such as an industry or market, and accompany that with 1-2 more specific tags closely related to the content or event.

Why use tags through your Clowder® app?

Tagging helps to improve searches which eventually leads to powering a more personalized news feed and events tab experience for users.

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Written by Katie Argueta