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Best Practices: Exclusive Content

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17 January 2018

Exclusive content builds value. When your network can only access specific content via your app, they are driven to actively stay involved with it. Exclusive content can come in different forms including:

1. News Feed Posts: Send users to your news feed for viewing mobile-exclusive photos, videos and articles.

2. Forums: Announce new, app-only forums and valuable group discussions users can participate in.

3. Sponsored Posts: For partners wanting to promote special offers to your network, share with users that these are only found within the app.

4. Events: Push for full mobile reliance and exclusivity before, during and after events. Users should be registering through the app, finding all event information, and communicating with fellow attendees all in one place.

When developing your strategy, continue to always think about what will keep users returning to the app. What makes the app worth their time and how can it strengthen their membership experience?

Topics: Best Practices

Written by Katie Argueta