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Best Practices: Events

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29 January 2018

When it comes to events, your organization should rely heavily on mobile for enhancing involvement and coordination. This is done by influencing users to take full advantage of mobile-exclusive content and functionalities especially as they’re on the go. Clowder™ apps accomplish what event-only apps have continually failed to do - build lasting engagement. Utilizing the features and strategies below before, during and after events are a surefire way to avoid an event-only app’s 99% delete rate.

In-App Registration

Getting users to register through the app exposes them to all of the event features they now have access to.

Attendance List

Make users aware they are able to view event attendees for creating connections and networking opportunities.

Schedules & Info

Keep all supporting event information in this centralized, mobile location so users can access it from anywhere. 


Create group discussions around topics brought up at the event to boost attendee interaction.

Live Streaming

Help those that aren’t able to make an event still feel included. 

Member Directory

Users should realize they now have a digital alternative to business cards with the ability to find mobile profiles of anyone in their network. 

Push Notifications

Get alerts to attendees instantly instead of relying on emails.


Encourage users to make communication quick and easy between one another through the app.


Gage which sessions, speakers, demonstrations, etc. had the biggest impact through surveying users and gaining valuable feedback.  

News Feed

Content and takeaways from the event including articles, videos and photos should be available for viewing in this dedicated stream.  


Create additional forms of revenue by getting partners involved in the app around events through options such as sponsored content (articles, polls, forums, etc.), promotions or banner ads. 

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Written by Katie Argueta