Clowder - (n) a group or collection of cats

El Gato do Los Puss

This is "WWW.CLOWDER.COM", a web site devoted primarily to cats,  but also will have  other items in the future.   The Rainbow Bridge is a page of memorials to our friends who have departed.   Everything Else is just that.   Woodworking stuff and more.   And,  of course,  by clicking on Biker Coon,  my buddy to the left here,  you will be taken to his and Wendell's page.

So brew up a cup of catnip tea,  read the descriptions below,  and click on the picture to the left of the description to visit the page(s).

The Cat House.   If you're looking for anything "cat",  it's soon to be here.

In Memory -   The   Rainbow   Bridge   - Those who have lost cats know the deep grief this creates.   We loved them in life, and shall never forget them just because they have passed on.   Here you can view memorials to cats who have gone to The Rainbow Bridge.

Everything Else.   If you're looking for something that isn't cat related,  like other parts of this site and domain,  then click on my photo to the left.

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