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Evolving Your Digital Strategy to Take Advantage of Mobile Trends

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28 August 2019

All organizations understand the necessity of a web presence. Your website is how your audience finds you and accesses the information, products and resources you provide. It should reveal a bit about your culture, your values and your personality. It’s an invaluable tool for communications and for personal and consumer transactions. However, nearly 80% of internet usage in 2019 is likely to be mobile, so simply having a good website isn’t enough.  

Web to Mobile Web

And as we now live in a mobile-first world, it goes without saying that your site should be mobile-responsive, providing both iOS and Android users with a great user experience. In 2019 the number of unique mobile internet users has reached 3,986 million and the total number of active internet users is 4,388 million. Because mobile web traffic has exploded and most Google queries are made on a mobile device, Google now prioritizes mobile websites in its search results, meaning non-mobile sites get pushed down the list. 

But as mobile truly takes over the way we function as a society and an economy, you need to continue moving forward and adjusting your strategy.

Mobile Web to Mobile App

Now is the time for the next step: A native mobile app is a powerful tool for your organization to engage your community and reach your membership goals. Everyone has a mobile phone and it is now the way consumers interact with the brands they love and the content they enjoy. In fact, U.S. users use 20.1 apps per month with 77% of app usage time in their three top apps. On average, U.S. users use apps for 2 hours 57 minutes per day, out of 3 hours 43 minutes mobile time.

As the Usage Trends Change, So Should Your Digital Strategy

Adopting a strategy that incorporates a mobile app will allow you to realize several benefits:

  • Instant communication with members, customers, partners, employees and processes, 24/7
  • Streamlined processes such as renewals, invoices, payments and registrations right at users’ fingertips
  • A connected community with shared interest groups, forums and content 
  • A one-stop-shop for professional resources and networking 
  • Back-end analytics that allow you to track user trends and customize their experiences
  • Instant two-way communication between leadership and members 
  • Many opportunities for monetization and increased revenue through sponsorships and advertising

Study results released earlier this year by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) indicate that most businesses will increase their investments in digital technology this year and many expect tech modernization to fuel future transformation efforts that will lead to cost savings and increased profits. Other findings to note: 

  • 72% of companies report that digital and business strategy formulation are completely or almost completely aligned. 
  • 75% of respondents say digital transformation will lead to greater agility, and 76% report that modern digital IT infrastructures better position their companies to produce value for their stakeholders.

A strong digital strategy will align your goals and optimize the channels you use to reach them. Mobile is the go-to channel for engagement. Investing in a native mobile app is key.

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Bridget Gorman