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What’s Your Alternative to Going Mobile?

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7 August 2019

Pushback is inevitable when pitching a new technology solution. Mobile solutions in particular are commonly subject to much apprehension. That’s because many organizations are still in the early stages of understanding the full value of a comprehensive mobile strategy. But to the uncertainty of mobile we ask: What’s your alternative? Is it more email? More web pages? More in-person meetings? What’s a better answer to decreasing engagement and increasing membership churn?

It’s not rare for older execs to pose the question, “How do I know mobile will work?” However the answer to this can quickly be found by glancing at one’s phone. From business to entertainment, communication to purchasing, mobile apps are now used in every aspect of our daily lives. Mobile has proved its longevity and worth. It should not be a question of will it work, but how. It's about understanding what mobile functionalities and features are available to your organization and how you can use them to best match your members' needs.

There was a time when Facebook was just a website. The massive company was once hesitant to launch a mobile app. Fast forward to today, 96% of Facebook users are accessing the platform through their app. Only 25% are engaging through desktop (Statista, 2019). Those are significant stats to ignore. And when a world leader in communication declares mobile as the answer, it’s wise to embrace. 

If your organization has utilized all traditional methods of engagement and still remain stagnant in growth and member involvement, why resist mobile? People don’t want more email in their inboxes, nor do they want to have to log in and navigate multiple web pages. Apps are convenient, effective and intuitive. This is the platform where data points to success throughout all industries. Why avoid where the entire world's headed - our phones. 

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Bridget Gorman