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Using Your Year-Round Mobile Membership App's Analytics to Boost Engagement

1 min read

5 December 2018

Analytics pulled from your app help you make sense of usage data. Tracking clicks, impressions, interactions, opens and views enables you to make data-driven decisions for increased member engagement. An intuitive admin will collect and store this data so you’re able to analyze feedback from members to identify what activities or content most engages them. 

Analytics allow you to:

Personalize the member experience—Members want personalized experiences. Using data to see what your users are reading can help you tailor content. They’ll feel their interests are heard.

Retain members—Tailoring content and experiences results in better satisfied users who are more likely to renew their memberships for continued access to this kind of value. 

Increase app usage—With analytics you can determine the best methods, times, and functions to engage your members through within your app to implement strategies for increasing both downloads and retention. 

Enhance features—Trends in feature usage can help you tweak them for maximized utilization. The app is a living, breathing tool that can continually evolve over time. 

Maximize marketing efforts—Factoring in your app’s success rate for any given marketing push can help your association better allocate marketing resources and eliminate redundancies. Data-driven marketing is a proven asset.

Better understand your member demographics—Analyzing individual or segmented member app habits can help you understand which features appeal to which members and what items better resonate within different demographic groups. You’ll really get to know your audience and their behaviors.

Identify highly engaged members—Use this tool to identify your highly engaged and successful members to see what actions or messaging can help replicate these qualities in others. You can reach out for their opinions and feedback. 

Engaged members are ones who find your resources and content valuable and believe you provide support for their professional growth and success. Therefore, using your analytics as a jumping-off point to discern what your loyal members gravitate toward, react to, or download can help you reach that sweet spot of member engagement that makes your members feel you are an invaluable resource and they are better off because of their affiliation with you.  

Written by Bridget Gorman