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Social Distancing, Not Social Isolation

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31 March 2020

“It’s important to note that social distancing does not mean social isolation.” Dr. Chaudhary (The New York Times)

As organizations across all sectors and industries quickly transitioned to a remote workforce in response to our need to implement proper social distancing, we are facing unique circumstances and dynamics. Being physically separated from our extended families, neighbors, colleagues, school communities, volunteer engagements and professional communities for an extended period of time is extreme and can certainly lead to feelings of isolation.

This is uncharted territory. For both the introverts and extroverts among us, this new normal disrupts our daily interactions and can impact our attitudes (mental health) and energy levels (physical health). The good news however, is that despite the distance, technology will always be there to bring us together.

Many offices became remote very quickly. During this time, it’s been critical for employers to ensure staff has access to shared work files and platforms and that there is a high level of continuity, morale and productivity maintained. Digital check-ins whether through video or group chats have come to be significant in carrying on connections from afar. With the technology that's available today, community camaraderie should not be completely lost.

The best way to bridge the gap right now is to make communication instant and easily accessible. Removing barriers will keep your network feeling much more intact. A popular barrier includes inboxes. If your team has to dig through their emails or wait around for replies, you're only creating more distance. Same goes for inefficient, outdated online forums. If rapport in this space is not happening instantaneously, disengagement takes over.

So what's bringing people the closest together at a time like this? Mobile.

Just look at our most used apps. We're sure your kids have had TikTok playing on loop throughout quarantine. There's also a great uptick in Instagram and Facebook lives. Twitter has been sharing the latest COVID-19 updates daily through instant push notifications. And, more than ever, people are relying on messaging through social media and texting to keep communication alive. Our phones are serving as our main connection to the outside world currently. 

Members will always remember what was done to help them get through this stressful time. This is when organizations should be rethinking how they're keeping their communities from feeling isolated and evaluating how mobile is being used when it matters most.

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Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Katie Argueta