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Member vs. Non-Member Access in a Mobile App

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26 March 2018

A native app gives organizations the advantage of segmenting different user groups and dictating the mobile content and features they each have access to. Opening your closed-network app up to non-members allows them to feel partially included in your content while giving them a taste of all they are missing out on by not yet becoming a member. This can be a great avenue for bringing on new members – especially Millennial ones.

Potential members become enticed by the membership because of its easy mobile access. They get a feel for how the membership would benefit them and the kind of engagement they can expect from it. Below are some best practices for utilizing these concepts to gain the most non-member to member conversions through your app:

-  Within non-member view, look for opportunities to make your app a marketing tool for your membership. Drop in information about your organization and what it offers its members.

-  Use the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect. The content and features non-members are restricted from accessing should be of great value to them.

-  Include a call to action to influence non-members to register. Make registration accessible through buttons that can take users directly where to sign up.

-  Offer a discount for registering through the app. Make this an exclusive deal that’s hard to pass up.

- Emphasize the convenience factor. When you can have users register, pay and instantly access their new membership in just minutes without ever leaving the app, you’ve created the fastest and easiest path to enrollment.

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Katie Argueta