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Keeping Content Fresh in Your Year-Round Mobile Membership App

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3 October 2018

It’s not uncommon for clients to worry about the ongoing running of their organization's new app. Because the market has grown so accustomed to event-only apps, most have never maintained one that is year-round before. Instant fear is to think there is not enough time or resources to continually supply content or keep up promotion. This however should never be the case when you have efficient systems in place.

The key to your success here lies within two tools - a promotional calendar and content calendar. Utilizing these is the best method for planning for future initiatives and happenings in and around your app. Without a continued promotion and content strategy in place, an app is doomed for deletion. But when these areas are scheduled out in advance, a set plan of action is in place to create ease and growth vs. feelings of last minute panic and disorganization.

It’s wise to have these calendars filled out at least a month in advance. A full month’s promotion and content calendar should take an employee no more than an hour to complete both (if not less). They do not need to consume large amounts of time. It’s important to then have access to a backend admin to upload and schedule out content to automatically deploy within the app throughout the coming week or two. Promotion should be coordinated alongside this through channels including social media and email as well as during event and meeting preparations. These again should be brief tasks. This process should eventually become streamlined. Feedback and engagement results gathered can act as guides for strengthening these strategies.

So never let feeling overwhelmed prevent your organization from going forward with a year-round native app. If you remain organized and strategic, your app stands to run smoothly and successfully. It’s when you don’t plan ahead that things can feel complicated.

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Katie Argueta