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Increase Employee Engagement with a Year-Round Mobile App

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17 July 2019

Employee engagement is critical to a successful, high performing workforce. With companies increasingly embracing flexible schedules, telecommuting, remote workspaces, freelance partnerships, and a global workforce, it’s a challenge to keep employees engaged, informed and feeling connected. A mobile app is a powerful tool for creating a culture of active communication among teams to greatly enhance collaboration and involvement. 

Mobile Apps are the New Intranets 

Once upon a time, before the cloud, intranets were the central hubs of company information for employees. They housed policies, directories, HR materials, forms, procedures and general company information. But as you know, we are currently living in a mobile world, and an employee app is now the modern alternative. Not only can all of these resources be found in just a few taps, but real-time news and updates become a breeze.

Communication and Collaboration

-  Company leaders can communicate directly with employees, using the app to inspire and inform 

-  Employees can provide feedback through the app using forums, comments, messaging, polls, etc. This gives employees a more direct line to leadership

-  Mobile messaging and group chats allow for easy access to colleagues and greater team productivity

-  An in-app events list for conferences, trainings, webinars, happy hours, etc. will keep all employees aware of company happenings and opportunities to engage and interact

-  Important company documents are conveniently available to all employees, on the go

-  An employee directory can put faces to names and offer access to contact information  

-  Employees can remain up to date on industry news by having relevant media and content aggregated to the app's news feed

-  Push notifications regarding deadlines for submissions, announcements, events, etc. help to keep employees instantly informed 

-  Highlight, recognize and congratulate employees for professional achievements, milestones and successes through the app to foster a supportive, company-wide community that feels valued and appreciated

Engaged employees are much more productive and satisfied. Because mobile is the number one way people consume content and communicate, why not meet your employees where they already are, giving them the right tool to grow and succeed with the business?  

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Bridget Gorman