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Blog: How Associations Can Leverage Push Notifications to Cut Through the Noise of Constant Emails

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16 February 2021

As email traffic continues to grow, one might think open rates would follow suit. The average American receives 80-100 emails per day - but who has time to open that many emails every day? This overload causes important messages to get lost, accidentally deleted, or just plain forgotten. Open rates have been on a decline over the last few years and utilizing this channel as a stand-alone communication strategy has now become outdated. Organizations should be continually evolving as ongoing technology advancements are enhancing the ways in which people are receiving information. Your members are looking for that experience. In order to increase the likelihood of your members not only staying up-to-date with your industry content, but also remaining engaged with your organization, a more efficient form of communication is what’s needed. In today’s mobile-first world and on-demand economy, it’s the usage of push notifications that help to cut through the noise of constant emailing. 

Push notifications are pop-up messages deployed from an app that display right on your phone’s home screen. They have become the quickest way to get eyes on the latest news and important updates - all in real time. They allow your members to become less reliant on email as their only channel of communication. When associations create and share resources and announcements, it can be frustrating when they slip through the cracks within emails. By instead deploying them to the forefront of your member’s screens through push notifications, you’re creating a greater opportunity to boost views and usage. 

Push notifications will transform how your members interact with relevant news and resources simply because of their convenience. Even quick glances at these pop-up messages can be enough for members to feel better informed. Have a can’t-miss virtual event or a new COVID-19 update? Members can easily take note without necessarily having to open up their phone each time. Through this tactic, the need to dig through inboxes for information is significantly reduced. 

Delivering value, improving retention, and driving engagement can all stem from successful organization communication. Utilizing push notifications through a dedicated membership app is the modern approach needed to remain relevant in the technological environment we currently live in. Consumers rely on them when it comes to shopping, entertainment, content consumption, socializing, etc. Why should your members expect anything different when interacting with your association? 


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Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Jackson Dean