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How AGC San Antonio is Utilizing App Influencers

3 min read

11 February 2020

We talk a lot about influencers. I mean think about it, they're everywhere. Social media, the news, politics. Telling you what to buy, what's cool and influencing the actions you take. Clowder client Shelley Seavers from AGC San Antonio recognizes the importance of influencers. She sent out an email to 11 individuals she identified as potential app influencers to help drive engagement. Read more about her thought process and expectations below from our one-on-one interview.

1. What is the Electric Eleven? 

Eleven San Antonio AGC members who will support AGC Connection app by talking about it in LinkedIn, Tweets, Instagram, company newsletters, etc, as well as commenting on AGC Connection posts. My first thought was to choose ten, but that number is so typical. As a grammar guru and writing whip, I adore alliteration. This literacy device is catchy and memorable.

2. How did you choose the Electric Eleven?

I chose eleven members who are actively involved with chapter events and committees.

3. What comes to mind when you hear the word "influencer"?

Those who have influential leadership and use social media to promote positive messages, products, and services.

4. What gave you the inspiration to reach out to your members?

I worked closely with our Clowder representative who provided me with resources, one of which is “Influencer Program.”

5. What made you want to be transparent about your app download goal with these eleven influencers?

This app and everything within/about the chapter belongs to all members. Our monthly download goal belongs to all members, so it is important for the Electric Eleven to know what we’re striving for.

6. What is the outcome you are hoping for?

I am hoping every member employee will download the app and use it frequently.

7. What are your next steps after you’ve gotten your influencers on board? 

I will encourage each of the eleven to inform all member company employees to download the app; it is a member benefit. I will also encourage them to talk about the app at committee and board meetings.

8. How do you plan to continue motivating the Electric Eleven beyond this initial email?

I will write one or more app news articles about the Electric Eleven. I will also send frequent user updates to them via email along with praise and encouragement.

9. What are you expecting of your influencers? 

I expect they will talk about AGC Connection, San Antonio AGC app, in their LinkedIn posts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, as well as in their company communications, i.e. newsletters.

a. How frequently? 

I hope a weekly mention/posting in social media is not too much to ask. I also hope the eleven will comment on each app news article.

10. Did you offer an incentive? 

I am providing a free advertising banner in the app for each represented member company.

a. How frequently will you incentivize?

I plan to offer incentives in 6-week intervals.

11. What are you most excited for about this campaign?

I am most excited about getting select members involved in the AGC Connection app’s promotion efforts. It’s one thing for me as the chapter’s education director to promote the app, but it’s a different level for chapter influential leaders to promote the app.


Shelley's email:


Hello, Influential Leaders. 


The 11 of you are highly sought after mentors and leaders, as well as valued AGC members. You represent 11 of our 330+ members. 

San Antonio AGC Board of Directors approved the AGC Connection purchase in early 2019, so they desire it to be used consistently. We have a quarterly goal of 34 new users. 

I have a favor to ask you - it’s a 2-part favor: would you consider supporting the AGC Connection app by talking about it in LinkedIn, Tweets, Instagram, company newsletters, etc, as well as commenting on AGC Connection posts? Ultimately, we want all employees of AGC member companies to use the app, member portal, and - there are many, many discounts and benefits of which to taken advantage. 

If you agree to be one of the electric eleven, here is what I will do for you - give your company free advertising for 6 weeks on the app as well as 

Should you decide this is not something you can take on, no worries. Perhaps you can make a recommendation of someone in your company network. 


Warmest Regards,


Written by Kelsey Druggan