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Feature Both Entertainment & Utility in Your Membership App

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29 January 2020

When considering a mobile solution, some organizations have a hard time wrapping their heads around what exactly their members will do with an app. In their attempt to justify the investment, they want to know what functions their members will consider “worthwhile.”

There are all different kinds of apps - gaming, business, productivity, communication, lifestyle, health, travel, education, etc. But throughout all of the categories that are out there, apps boil down to two main groups: entertainment and utility. Can these two elements be combined to deliver the ultimate app experience? When done correctly – yes!

Entertainment apps are fun and engaging – they keep people, well, entertained. Some good examples are Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok and Netflix. People engage with the content and communities they’re drawn to. These apps are social, interactive and enjoyable.

Utility apps help you manage particular aspects of your life. They are convenient, serve a purpose and instantly make life easier while on the go. Some good examples would be Uber, Venmo, Airbnb, Postmates, the Google Drive app and the Gmail app. These apps enable you to cross tasks off your to-do list, get things organized and take care of needs.

The reason people open an app again and again is because of how they feel when they use it. I, for example, like to feel efficient, so I am thrilled when I can book my evening workout, deposit a check, order dinner and note edits to a work document, all within a few clicks while sitting in the carpool line. I mean, I amaze myself.

Similarly, I also like to feel in-the-loop. I check Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and some subs on Redditt daily because I like to see what’s up, who’s where, and be up-to-date with the individuals, groups, and entities I associate with. I might just be a lurker 90% of the time, but I still feel like I belong to several communities.

What is it that your members want? Well, they want the same things as the rest of us. They want the enjoyment and convenience of mobile. They want to easily accomplish tasks through apps that they’d otherwise have to either call and speak to someone (gasp!) to do or wait until they can fire up a computer for. They also want to feel connected to others. They want to chat with colleagues and those within their industry, chime in on hot topics, network, support one another and be in the know of industry news and events.

Your membership app can take on both aspects of entertainment and utility. Consider the Facebook app. You’re entertained through news feed posts and group pages as well as finding utility through features such as Facebook Ads, Events and Marketplace. You can offer your members a very similar experience in one app with the industry content and collaboration they’re after as well as the functionalities they’ll value. An all-encompassing mobile solution will help them to feel empowered, engaged and efficient.

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Bridget Gorman