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Extending the AMS Value with an App

3 min read

29 November 2021

We are feeling the Rhythm over here at Clowder. 

Earlier this year, the New Hampshire School Administrators Association (NHSAA) gave our team its first opportunity to integrate with an AMS new to our repertoire - Rhythm. The result was nothing short of a harmonious blend of teams and technologies. 

“Bringing on a whole new AMS system AND an app in the same year is a lot to take on,” said Kymra Kurinskas, NHSAA Event and Marketing Manager. “In fact, I’ll bet most organizations would think we were crazy to go that route!” NHSAA had the challenge of not only implementing these new technologies all at once, but making them work together cohesively. 

Mary Schmitt led the charge on the Clowder side as the organization’s dedicated Client Success Manager. “I have nothing but good things to say about our integration experience with Rhythm. After meeting Jim and Heather during our initial technical onboarding call, I knew they would be a great partner to work with to set NHSAA’s app up for success.” 

We at Clowder have always prided ourselves on our mobile solution’s ability to integrate well with the technologies associations have already invested in - most importantly an AMS. We believe the very best way to extend the value of your AMS is to integrate it with an app. Here’s why:

Simplicity through single sign-on

Your members will only need one set of credentials to access their account whether it’s through your website or app.

Better member profile management

Because people are more likely to update a profile from their phone, your database will operate cleaner and more up-to-date as any profile changes made through the app are then communicated back to your AMS. 

Easier dues renewal

Dues alerts and mobile renewal capabilities through your app make the process much quicker for the member and much smoother for the organization. 

Leveraging subgroups + tailored content 

Filters or categories established within your database can transfer over to the features of your app, offering greater personalization. 

“I cannot say enough about both organizations! The whole experience has been extremely positive,” says Kymra. Within NHSAA’s app you’ll find member profiles pulled in along with their events, exclusive forums, directory, Twitter feed, job board and dues renewals - a big win for convenience. The integration has ultimately led to a new seamless, on-hand experience for their school administrators community.

Our team looks forward to many more Rhythm integrations in the future! 

If you’d like to learn more about Rhythm, visit or email

Written by Katie Argueta