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Don’t Rest on Your Laurels

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8 January 2020

It’s an easy thing to do when you’ve been operating similarly for decades. Resting on your laurels happens out of comfort in doing things the way they’ve always been done. In the case of associations, it’s not a great habit to possess.

What does resting on one’s laurels look like for these groups? It’s the assumption that members will continue to join and pay their dues year over year now just as they did decades ago because people will always need and value associations. While we’d love to think that’ll be the norm forever, rapid generational and consumer changes won’t make it that easy. And these distinct changes aren’t on the horizon up ahead, they’re happening right now.

There’s a lot that works against associations today such as:

  • Gen Z

While many Millennials may at least know of associations, the vast majority of Gen Z (or our now youngest members in the workforce) is very much unaware.

  • Networking is easier now

You’ve probably heard of LinkedIn...

  • Lack of technological advances

Many associations still rely on mail and paper magazines. The majority still values websites over mobile apps as well.

  • The explosion of coworking spaces

Companies like WeWork and Industrious are creating modern, easily-accessible communities for entrepreneurs and freelancers to network and take advantage of professional resources.

  • Aging

Let’s face it - associations aren’t typically looked at as young and trendy.

But don't fear. With these challenges, comes solutions. And the solutions to get ahead of these hurdles surround one concept - the willingness to modernize. The willingness to not rest on expectations of the past but to make the changes that are inevitable for you to sustain a successful organization now rather than when it’s too late. And when you think of modernizing, think of two words: mobile engagement.


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Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Katie Argueta