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Clowder Raises $1.1M to Build Private Social Networks for Membership-Based Associations

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17 August 2020

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The Virginia based company will use the growth capital to expand business development initiatives throughout their sales, client success and technology departments.

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Aug. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Clowder, the #1 provider of private social networks for membership groups, announced a new round in seed funding. The round is led by Active Capital, a top tier seed firm for B2B SaaS companies outside of Silicon Valley.

The recent financing highlights the growing need for mobile connectivity within the association space. "Clowder has quickly become the leader in modern member communication. Our apps are able to take organizations who've long relied on web and email-based engagement strategies and place them in the 21st century with an on-hand tool that provides instant access," says Clowder Founder and CEO Sergei Dubograev.

Associations have been familiar with event-based mobile solutions for years, but the problem is 90% of these event apps are deleted. "What happens when there are no events?" asks Sergei. This question has loomed over membership groups as the current COVID-19 crisis has forced the cancellation of thousands of major conferences and conventions. Because of the cancellations, members have lost valuable engagement with one another and are now in need of ways to interact with their communities from a distance.

It was the organizations such as the American Baseball Coaches Association, the American Society of Association Executives, the American General Contractors Association and over 100 others, that took advantage of Clowder's year-round approach prior to the pandemic, that were well-equipped to take on the challenges of remaining connected from afar. "From the very start of the pandemic, it was amazing to see our clients utilize their app's features in the ways they did. We saw up-to-the-minute alerts deployed through push notifications, easily-accessible COVID-19 resources uploaded, community support fostered within forums, virtual events quickly organized and so much more," says Sergei. "The power of Clowder was really brought to light through this experience." Clowder client Pennsylvania Dental Association would agree. "PDA Go has been instrumental in communicating information to our members during this health crisis. Many members have expressed gratitude for the timely information and the ability to connect with local colleagues directly through the app," says Andrea Castilow, Component and Membership Coordinator for PDA. It's mobile access that makes all the difference. "We are a mobile dependent society now in all that we do. Clowder meets that demand in a market where there is a significant need," says Pat Matthews, CEO and Founder of Active Capital.

Benefits of Clowder include:

  • A one-stop, all-encompassing mobile hub for members.
  • A new and valuable membership offering.
  • Modernization of communication strategies.
  • The ability to stay connected despite cancellation of in-person engagements.

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Clowder is the #1 mobile engagement solution. Serving member-based communities, Clowder apps aim to enhance an organization's ability to connect members, employees and stakeholders where they live - on their phones. The company is headquartered in Alexandria, VA. To learn more, please visit

About Active Capital

Active Capital is a venture firm designed to lead seed rounds for B2B SaaS companies outside of Silicon Valley. The firm is founded and run by former B2B SaaS founders with hands-on experience starting, building, and scaling high growth businesses in underdog cities across America.  Active Capital is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and invests in B2B SaaS companies all over. To learn more, please visit

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Written by Katie Argueta