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Clowder Client Success Team

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26 June 2019

So you’re contemplating an app. You may have gone the event app route before, but continue to hear more and more about year-round mobile. Your first thought however is… how do I keep an app running all year long?

At Clowder, we hear this concern frequently. While a staple in the current world of consumers, apps are still often new territory for member organizations. Because of this, our aim has always been to make our service just as much of a priority as our products. Our philosophy has always been that there’s no sense in providing a mobile solution without the right support and resources in place to make it a lasting success. That’s where Clowder’s Client Success Team steps in. 

Best Practices 

Our library of best practices is what we like to refer to as our operation manual. It’s made up of educational one-pagers that cover everything from launch and promotion to individual feature utilization. It’s our advice and guidance based on what we’ve seen work within our own client apps as well as those that are widely used within other industries. 

Launch Plans 

After developing many apps over the years, we’ve been able to identify some key ingredients that make for a successful launch. We get that most of our clients have yet to release a year-round app to their members, and because we view ourselves as partners in this process, we’ve created countless custom launch plans. These plans act as step-by-step guides unique to each client for garnering the greatest engagement possible when releasing an app as well as proactive follow-up afterwards.   

Onsite Support

We know it helps to have extra hands during big events that utilize a client’s new app. That’s why our Client Success Team offers onsite support to help things run smoothly. We’ll be there to get members into the app, handle any potential troubleshooting and showcase all of the mobile features users have access to. 

Ongoing Training 

Our core platform is continually growing and advancing as we build it out from feedback and testing. Our dedicated Client Success Managers will always take the time to walk clients through any new updates made to both the frontend and backend to ensure full comprehension and greatest usage. 

To sum it up, the team is here for you. And for the long haul. As a client, you’ll never have to feel like you’re in this alone. Your success is our success. 

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Written by Katie Argueta