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Clowder Backporting

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7 January 2019

Clowder’s core platform is where all the magic happens. Our latest and greatest features come to life here. When deciding which new features get added to our core, the best ideas we choose to implement are gathered from client feedback within development, launch and maintenance of their app. Listening to our clients for ways to enhance the value of Clowder® has always been our top priority. Once we make these new upgrades, our goal has been to ensure they’re then available to every client to take advantage of. This is how Clowder® Backporting was born.

Clowder® Backporting is the action of taking added features based on client recommendations from newer versions of our platform and porting them back into our core product for all other clients to utilize at no additional cost. We offer our clients 4 significant core updates throughout the year. Before each of the 4 core updates, we provide clients with a list of all that’s to come. They then have the power to opt in to all updates or select just a few. In doing this, we aim to continually advance all of our apps at a coordinated pace.

An example highlighting our recent Backporting efforts entails one of our newest clients providing the suggestion for a live Q&A functionality through their app during event sessions. We were able to develop and launch this feature for them in Q4 of 2018. Now in Q1 of 2019, all of our other clients will have access to this functionality at no extra cost to them. This was the same occurrence for over 50 new features and functionalities we’ve added and shared in the last year. We want each and every one of our apps to succeed and we don’t believe in nickel-and-diming clients in order to make that happen.

Backporting is now an element we are very excited to have established within our development process. We enjoy having clients take comfort in knowing we’ll always take the initiative to help better their app through these ongoing core updates. While most developers simply develop an app and hand it off, that isn’t the Clowder® way. Because we’re a year-round solution, we offer year-round maintenance and support. In our eyes, this is a vital component to creating the ultimate mobile experience. This year we look forward to continuing to implement many more amazing new features through client collaboration!

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Written by Katie Argueta