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Client Spotlight: Pennsylvania Dental Association

3 min read

6 April 2020

Our clients have really stepped up for their communities during the current COVID-19 crisis. This pandemic has caused numerous disruptions to member initiatives, events and other in-person interactions. Despite that however, they've been able to maintain a level of connectivity from afar through each of their respective membership apps. The use of mobile technology has played a key role in making this distance feel much more manageable.

One client in particular we wanted to shine a light on is the Pennsylvania Dental Association. It's been exciting to watch how they've taken the Clowder platform and turned it into a real go-to control center for helping their industry handle this situation.

We asked PDA's Component and Membership Coordinator Andrea Castilow about the impact they've seen from using their PDA Go app. Here's what she had to say:

"PDA Go has been instrumental in communicating information to our members during this health crisis. Although we disseminate information on multiple platforms, the app has served as the members' hub for quick access to reliable information. It's also provided members with a valuable avenue to ask questions and share advice with one another during this uncertain time. Many members have expressed gratitude for the timely information and the ability to connect with local colleagues directly through the app. Staff at our national organization also recognized PDA for being ahead of the curve with getting information out to members about COVID-19."

PDA had the right technology in place to be well prepared for their members during a critical time like this. They've been able to use tools like instant push notifications to deploy ongoing industry updates, mobile news feeds for easy information sharing, forums for generating greater member support and an on-hand resource center for convenient file viewing. While members can't connect in person, their community can still thrive digitally thanks to these features found right on their phones.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 3.53.23 PM

Not only is the app helping significantly among members, but it's driving productivity internally as well. PDA Communications Coordinator Michelle Berrones mentions, "When the decision came for us to work remotely, we all knew we would rely heavily on email. But to make our messages stand out and not get lost in the “inbox,” I suggested we instead use in-app messaging for quick individual or group messages. This has worked so well. We seem to instinctively know that a PDA Go message has a little more urgency than an email and that’s exactly what we need when adjusting to a new work environment."

No one knows just how long this new normal will last. What we do know is that organizations like PDA, who are leading the pack in mobile member engagement, will continue to be much more equipped for minimizing the fallout brought on by social distancing. Those who've continued to drag their feet when it comes to going mobile should see now more than ever that no one can afford to wait any longer.

To learn more about the PDA Go app, you can follow PDA (@padentalassn) on Twitter or visit their website.

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Written by Katie Argueta