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Boost Employee Engagement Through Mobile in the New Year

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20 November 2019

HR teams know that the employee experience is as important as the customer experience. But keeping employees happy doesn’t just happen; it requires an ongoing effort to implement strategies that will resonate. Employees crave two-way communication, team building, feedback, recognition, and the belief that they are valued for their contributions. Today’s mobile-first workforce uses apps to manage most of their personal and professional lives, so it stands to reason that a dedicated organization app is a clear solution for fostering real employee engagement.

Employee Connectivity

With the workforce becoming increasingly flexible and remote (43% of employees work remotely at least sometimes), employees are able to better achieve a positive work-life balance, however that may also easily include a slippery slope into disengagement. Because of this, leadership must find ways to digitally and effectively bring employees together or run the risk of producing unmotivated team members, higher turnover, a negative reputation and decreased productivity.

Furthermore, the U.S. is trending towards a gig-economy with 36% of workers now performing as independent contractors or freelancers (Gallup). If the shift continues to grow at its current rate, over 50% of the U.S. workforce will participate in the gig economy by 2027 (Wonolo). It is critical to bring these valuable contractors and freelancers into the company fold and make them feel part of the organization’s mission and culture. A community-driven app has the power to do just that.

Using Mobile for Employee Engagement 

Forward-thinking companies are using mobile to facilitate quick access to information and increased team collaboration. Using multiple avenues available through a mobile app - such as direct messaging, group chats, push notifications, forums, news feeds, polls and surveys, mobile resources or social event lists - extends company culture beyond the office.

  • Information - Having company policies, HR links, guides and schedules at their fingertips will give employees one central hub to easily access the information they need. Leadership can also send company-wide announcements and address employees in a more consistent, casual format. Employees cite transparency as a highly valued company trait.
  • Collaboration - A mobile app is a natural and familiar way for team members to share thoughts and updates. Whether it’s banter within a group chat, updating other departments about progress on initiatives, or internally soliciting feedback from peers, better access to collaboration will increase engagement.
  • Recognition - 70% of employees say that motivation and morale would improve massively with managers saying thank you more. (Reward Gateway). A shout out for a job well done is a small gesture that makes an impact. A simple push notification or post in the news feed can go a long way.
  • Feedback - Providing constructive feedback helps employees grow and is a way for leadership to refine processes and expectations. Messaging through an app or utilizing polls and surveys can garner instant input and perspective. Checking in with team members regularly is important for building trust and loyalty.
  • Community - Foster your community by delivering company news and information right to their phones, promoting social event attendance and influencing internal discussions. Setting the tone with a well-orchestrated mobile strategy will encourage employees to want to be active within your app, with one another, and with your mission. 

Topics: Mobile Insights

Written by Bridget Gorman