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Best Practices: Polls

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8 February 2018

A poll within a Clowder™ app is the simplest tool for gaining direct feedback from your network. People are much more likely to interact with a quick poll than a lengthy survey. Here’s how to get the most out of them:


If you’re going to post a poll, you’ll want as many responses as possible for a wider reach. Make users aware when a poll is available by utilizing push notifications or announcing on social media.


Thoughtfully organize your poll topics to ensure you’re only posting what’s most valuable to your network and helpful to your organizational goals. 


It’s important to schedule your polls ahead of time so that you are tailoring feedback around organizational needs or upcoming events.


Find a good balance between polling too little and too often. If you poll too little, you’re missing out on collecting significant data and using it to your advantage. Polling too often is distracting to users and may result in them disengaging. Posting 1-2 a week is ideal. 


Polls are a great opportunity for sponsors to engage your network and in turn, gain effective results. This offers your partners interactive marketing experiences vs. traditional ads.

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Written by Katie Argueta