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Announcing Clowder's New CEO, Alexa Kade!

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25 January 2022

Clowder is very excited to share the promotion of our newest CEO, Alexa Kade! 

Alexa has worn many hats throughout the past 3 and a half years at Clowder. She initially joined the team as Director of Client Success to completely overhaul and restructure the client experience. The effects of that overhaul are reflected today with Clowder's customer renewal rates at an all-time high. Alexa knew Clowder could only measure its success through the success of our clients, which resulted in the development of the service-driven methodologies and processes our Client Success team of now many utilize daily. 

Once that side of the business took shape, Alexa then set her sights on revamping Clowder's sales approach as she took on the role of COO. Under her leadership, the Sales team evolved to include new key members, tools and initiatives. These changes have only helped to place Clowder in a strong position going into 2022. 

The bold vision, passionate grind and dedication to Clowder's mission Alexa has makes her a CEO to watch. "We're so much more than a company that builds apps," says Kade. "Not to take a page out of Mark Zuckerberg’s playbook, but Clowder has the potential to be its own metaverse, creating connection, purpose, and alignment with the world in which we live."

Alexa has big plans for Clowder over this next year that aim to further our reach, growth and impact. "While associations account for most of our customer base, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to our mobile solution. Our goal is to serve communities of all make ups including universities, alumni networks, nonprofits, member-based clubs, talent acquisition and recruitment networks, corporate organizations, and so much more. We know we can accomplish this." 

We at Clowder are eager to support Alexa in this role and look forward to her ongoing leadership as we continue building upon our successes!

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Written by Katie Argueta