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6 Ways to Get People Onto Your Year-Round Mobile Membership App

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13 December 2017

You’ve got a new app! Now how do you get people to actually use it?

Here are 6 tips that’ll help make you a mobile success: 

1. Exclusive Content - Only on the App

Exclusive content is anything people are only able to access through your app whether it be events, articles, videos, forums, etc. This content should bring value to users and serve as a reason to continually log back in.

2. Push to Social Media - Spread the Word

Utilizing social media is key for gaining awareness. Not only will current members see postings but potential ones as well. App updates and features can consistently be promoted here.

3. Email Marketing - Blast it!

Send out a mass email to your network to let them know about the new app and its features. Include a link for easy downloading to make it as convenient as possible for recipients to start using. Continue to include a download link for all future emails.

4. Tutorials - Knowledge is Power

Be prepared for members to have questions about how to use your app and what it can do. Providing tutorial videos or webinars makes it simple for everyone to quickly learn.

5. Promote at Events - “We have an app!”

Conferences, conventions and corporate events all make for great opportunities to promote your market-leading app! Your organization will instantly be ahead of the rest.

6. Giveaways - Win win WIN

In-app giveaways serve as an exciting promotion for migrating people onto your app. Big or small, people love incentives.

Topics: Best Practices

Written by Katie Argueta