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Native development, intuitive design and top-notch security have always been at the forefront of our solution. 


Native vs. Web

We specialize exclusively in ‘native app’ development. Native apps are designed specifically for iOS/Apple and Android/Google mobile platforms. Other vendors, particularly event app vendors, tend to use a ‘web app’ development approach. Web apps are one-size-fits-all apps written in web code. Native apps are more expensive to develop than web apps but are superior in performance, user experience and security. If your mobile goal is just to support a single event, then a cheap web app will suffice. If your mobile goal is to engage with members year-round, you need the power of a native app.


Design & Functionality

We integrate data to a native design that does not utilize a website link. When an app uses web links as functionality, it defeats the purpose of a native app. Our apps adhere to both Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) and Google Play Design Guidelines

Simplicity wins.

Organization to Member

On-demand, two-way access with organization leadership.

Member to Member

Meeting modern mobile communication needs. 

Sponsor to Member

Creating effective digital sponsorship opportunities. 


Configured vs. Custom

To maximize the efficiency and success of our solution, we take a configured approach to app development. And while we stay away from full customization, there are still many options we make available for tailoring and personalization of each app such as feature selection and naming, colors and branding, integrations and logo usage. This allows our clients to experience the feeling of customization without taking on all of the risks involved.


Benefits of a Configured Solution:

- Access to ongoing core platform updates each year.

- All future features added to our solution are at your disposal at no additional cost.

No added fees for development, upgrades or updates.

- An overall cleaner code base.

Clowder Security:


We secure all API endpoints to prevent unauthorized access to the app’s server and client’s database.


We rely on API functionality for SSO and other modules for the end user to have the best experience possible.


We perform extensive penetration testing to deliberately probe the platform for any system weaknesses.