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Growing Your Membership with Mobile

As you consider mobile options, you are likely driven by the need to engage with younger members. Millennials, or the Mobile-First Generation, now make up more than 50% of the global workforce while Gen Z, or the Mobile-Only Generation, has started to make its entrance. These generations live on their phone, favor apps over websites, and prefer not to use email. But it’s all generations that are increasingly reliant on mobile devices and the stats to prove that are overwhelming.



of all web traffic comes from mobile devices



of time on mobile devices is spent using apps


hours a day are spent by Baby Boomers on their phones

PDA Go has been instrumental in communicating information to our members during this health crisis. The app has served as the members' hub for quick access to reliable information. It's been a valuable avenue to ask questions and share advice with one another. Many members have expressed gratitude for the timely information and the ability to connect with local colleagues directly through the app. Staff at our national organization also recognized PDA for being ahead of the curve with getting information out to members about COVID-19.

Andrea Castilow, Component and Membership Coordinator, PDA

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The forum activity has been a nice surprise, I thought we’d have to promote it a little more but the coaches have just gone in there and gotten it going themselves. Also, the traffic on our video website has increased 25% since this went live which I’d pretty much attribute just to the app.

Jon Litchfield, Associate Executive Director, ABCA


Working with Clowder is not like working with other vendors. It became a team atmosphere with a constant two-way street for ensuring that ideas are heard, shaped, and appropriately vetted to ensure that this feature idea, in the end result, is going to bring value to our users.

Scott Davis, Web Developer, ACDA

The new TADA app is a source of the latest industry information of importance to franchised dealers, the public and policy makers. A one-stop compilation of key topics is critical to those interested in the most influential industry in our nation. There is no need to search the web for industry news. Now you can depend upon TADA and the easy-to-use app you download on your mobile device to have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Bill Wolters, President of TADA